Goose Pasture Tarn Dam Project

The Goose Pasture Tarn Dam is owned and operated by the Town of Breckenridge.  The water within the Tarn is owned by the Town of Breckenridge.  The land around the Tarn is privately owned.  The Town of Blue River residents have recreational rights to use the Tarn.

In spring of 2021, the Town of Breckenridge will begin the process of replacing the existing dam.  The Town of Blue River is working with the Town of Breckenridge to ensure residents are informed of all work being conducted and to address questions and concerns.  For complete information on the Tarn Dam project please visit the link below.



Tarn Dam Project Update

Goose Pasture Tarn Dam Repair Meeting

The Town of Breckenridge will begin work on replacing the Tarn Dam in 2021. Information is available on their website In addition to past public meetings, the Town of Breckenridge is hosting a virtual "Town Hall" to provide an update, what to expect in the coming months and Q & A, on

Thursday, August 6th, 3;00 p.m.

Information below.

The meeting will be recorded with links on our website

for those unable to join on August 6th.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Telephone: 1 312 626 6799 

Webinar ID: 810 7375 4096