Proposed CDOT Chain-Up Bypass Lane


Stakeholders Launch Project Leadership Team to Guide Blue River Chain-Up Station Design


Colorado Highway 9 travels through the Town of Blue River in Summit County and can quickly turn treacherous in inclement weather. During snowstorms and other winter weather conditions, one of the most challenging sections of this scenic roadway can be the climb and descent over Hoosier Pass. When Colorado’s Commercial Vehicle Chain Law, Passenger Vehicle Traction Law or Passenger Vehicle Chain Law are in place during these and other conditions, it’s important for commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger motorists to have a safe, designated place to attach chains or other traction devices.

To increase compliance with Colorado’s Commercial Vehicle Chain Law, Passenger Vehicle Traction Law and Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, the Colorado Department of Transportation is designing a modified chain-up station at a location on CO 9 as the highway passes through the Town of Blue River. The proposed option will deliver operational benefits to motorists throughout the year. During the summer and other fair weather conditions, the proposed improvement will serve as a shoulder bypass lane on southbound CO 9, adjacent to the Whispering Pines intersection, allowing motorists to safely maneuver around a motorist turning left into Whispering Pines. When any of Colorado’s chain laws are in place, the shoulder bypass lane on southbound CO 9 will serve as a safe, designated chain-up station, so commercial and passenger drivers and their vehicles are prepared for the drive over Hoosier Pass. Signs, flashing beacons and a reduced speed limit will clearly show when the chain-up station is up and running.

A project is most successful when stakeholders can join together and ask questions, provide feedback and ultimately endorse it. To that end, a Blue River Chain Station project leadership team (PLT) was formed and includes stakeholders with a vested interest in the chain station design. The PLT includes representation from the Town of Blue River, emergency first responders, property owners, Summit County, Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the CDOT design team.

The PLT will meet bimonthly (or more if needed) to set goals and discuss design plans, concerns, and issues brought forth from the community. PLT meeting notes will be published on the Town of Blue River website. You can also learn more about the proposed design by reviewing the presentation posted on the Town website.

CDOT extends a sincere thank you to all PLT members for contributing their time and providing candid feedback. You can keep track of the project and progress by visiting the Town of Blue River website here:

Bypass Lane Concept