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RFP Broadband Plan

The Town of Blue River is accepting proposals to develop a Broadband Strategic Plan for the Town of Blue River.  More detailed information may be obtained by contacting:

Michelle Eddy

Town Manager

0110 Whispering Pines Circle

PO Box 1784

Breckenridge, CO 80424

(970) 547-0545 ext. 1

or visit the web:

Proposals must be submitted via email no later than 5:00 p.m. MST/MDT on December 15, 2022 to be considered.

Published in the Summit Daily News through December 9, 2022.



RFP Road Maintenance



Road Services


Request for Proposal No: 2022-11-01

Date of Issue:  November 15, 2022

Proposal Closing Date and Time: December 12, 2022, 2:00 p.m. by Town Clock

Proposal to be RECEIVED by the Town as below PRIOR TO Proposal Closing Date and Time above.



Town of Blue River

Michelle Eddy, Town Manager

P.O. Box 1784

Breckenridge, Colorado 80424


THIS REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (“RFP”) IS NOT A COMPETITIVE BID BASED ON PRICE ONLY.  The request for proposal allows the Town of Blue River, Colorado (the “Town”) to select the service provider that best meets the needs of the Town, taking into consideration proposer qualifications, price, products, and service capabilities and other factors relevant to the Town’s policies, programs, administrative resources, and budget.


This RFP has been published at __Summit County Journal_______________[CP1] 

All proposers must email the Town Manager at the email above before the end of the Proposal Closing Date and Time to receive addenda to this RFP. All proposers are responsible to periodically check-in with the Town Manager for relevant updates prior to the submittal of a proposal.



Note:  return this page with your proposal.

The undersigned, as an authorized agent of the proposer, hereby certifies that the proposer (initial all):

           (     )    has received _________ addendums;

 (     )    is familiar with all instructions, terms and conditions, and specifications      stated in this RFP;

           (     )    is qualified to perform the work and services outlined in this RFP;

           (     )    will hold the proposal valid until ___________________ (date);


(     )    has clearly marked and segregated any information that proposer requests be held as confidential, proprietary or trade secret information not subject to disclosure by the Town under the Colorado Open Records Act (Section 12 of INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS).

_______________________________              ________________________________

Company Name                                                       Authorized Signature

_______________________________              ________________________________

Mailing Address                                                       Printed Name

_______________________________              ________________________________

Town, State, Zip Code                                            Title

_______________________________              ________________________________

Federal Employee ID Number (FEIN)                  Phone Number

_______________________________              ________________________________

Type of Entity (Sole Proprietorship, LLC,            Fax Number

Partnership, LLP, Corporation, etc.)

_______________________________              ________________________________

Web site (if applicable)                                           Email Address


RFP NO. 2022-11-01

The Town seeks to hire a qualified service provider (the “Service Provider”) for annual roadway repair, grading, and maintenance services for roadways in the Town of Blue River. The Town anticipates that it will enter into a task order contract. The initial term of the contract will be from the time of contract execution through December 31, 2023, with the option to renew for four (4) successive one-year periods upon mutual agreement of the Town and the Service Provider. Annual work will be agreed based on the task order approved by the Town. The Service Provider is to provide all the necessary labor, equipment and supplies required for the satisfactory completion of the work as an independent contractor.

Proposals are to be addressed and delivered to the Town Manager for the Town of Blue River, in accordance with the Instructions to Proposers and all other requirements as referenced in this RFP.  Proposals will be received until the Proposal Closing Date and Time set forth on the cover page of this RFP, at which time a representative of the Town will publicly announce the names of those firms or individuals submitting proposals.  No other public disclosure will be made if and until award of contract.

Proposers must register with the Town to receive updates during this RFP process. To register, send an email to

The Town will use the following tentative schedule for the selection process:

  • Issue requests for proposals:                                      November 15, 2022
  • Proposal Closing Date and Time:                               December 12, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.  

The Town reserves the right to modify this schedule at any time.  Should the Proposal Closing Date and Time change, the Town will send notice by email to those potential proposers registered with the Town.


Michelle Eddy

Town Manager

 [CP1]Insert where publishing will occur.


The Blue River Board of Trustees and Planning & Zoning Commission hereby gives notice that a public hearing shall be held by the Planning and Zoning Commission  and Blue River Board of Trustees in person and via Zoom, at their respective meetings for the purpose of consideration of subdivision of a zoned duplex lot at 160 & 170 Whispering Pines Circle.  A copy of the application is available by contacting Town Manager Michelle Eddy.

Planning & Zoning Commission-Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

Board of Trustees-Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

Dated: December 5, 2022


Michelle Eddy, Town Manager/Clerk