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Blue River Bus Service


Safety Suggestions for Blue River bus riders!


  1. Please arrive at your bus stop a couple minutes early and wait as close to the bus stop sign as possible. Rushing to a bus stop along a busy highway can be dangerous (and you might miss the bus!)
  2. Several bus stops require the bus to block an intersection while boarding riders. We hope to minimize the interruption of traffic, so please be ready to board when the bus arrives. This will shorten the time the bus blocks the intersection.
  3. If you are a motorist who is blocked by a bus stopped at an intersection, please be patient and the bus will move out of the intersection as soon as it is safe to do so.
  4. Please DO NOT CROSS THE HIGHWAY to board or exit the bus. Use the nearest bus stop on your side of the highway.

For example, if you are headed to Breck and your stop is at 97 Circle, please board the southbound bus there. Ride the bus to the Quandary turn-around where the bus reverses direction. It will then head northbound to Breck. It will only take a few more minutes, but it is much safer than trying to cross a busy highway!

Thanks for helping us maintain our excellent safety record!

We look forward to serving you on this new bus route.


If you have questions or concerns, please call or check our website: