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Type A Permits

Type A Permits require approval from the Blue river Planning & Zoning Commission.  The Commission meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  Meeting information may be found at https//

For Guidelines/Regulations on building in Blue River Click Here.

Applications are due the three (3) weeks prior to the meeting and a $50 application fee.

Type A Permits Include:

  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Garages
  • Plat Amendments
  • Variances
  • Subdivision

Please utilize the Citizen Portal to apply for a permit.  For a pdf copy of any permit, please email

Plan Submittal Requirements


The Town of Blue River has adopted the following codes with amendments:

  • 2018 International Residential Code
  • 2012 International Energy Code
  • 2020 International Electrical Code
  • 2020 International Fire Code

Note: Applicable codes are required to be notated on plans.

In order for your permit application to be reviewed and processed properly, the following construction information must be provided. Note: "Preliminary" and/or plans shown as "Not for Construction" or similar are unacceptable.  Hardcopy submittals will not be accepted.

Note: Items below are not all inclusive of the requirements.  Please review the Building Application Packet, design guidelines, building and land use codes for complete information.

Soils Report


Must be sealed and signed by a licensed Colorado Engineer.

  • Provide an engineer's soil investigation report indicating type of soil and recommended foundation design.  include any required shoring.

Improvement Survey Plat


  • Provide an Improvement Survey Plat (ISP) following Colorado Revised Statutes for new principal structures, substantial expansions (25% or more) to principal structures and new accessory dwelling units (ADU's).
  • Provide a permanent reference to spot elevation (benchmark) that will not be disturbed during construction.
  • Provide existing spot elevations at property corners and at midpoints of the side property lines.
  • Must be stamped and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) licensed by the state of Colorado.

Site Plan


  • Provide site plan that shows dimensions reflecting the distances to property lines
  • Indicate all public or private easements
  • Show location of all proposed and existing structures with dimensions
  • Prove type of construction for all structures on site
  • Provide landscaping plan.
  • Show permanent reference spot elevation (benchmark), existing spot elevations at property corners and at midpoints of the side property lines.
  • Indicate roof drainage on site plan with arrows showing the direction of the gutter downspouts.  Roof drainage shall flow towards the road and away from all structures.

Structural Plans


Plans must be sealed and signed by a Colorado Structural Engineer or Architect

  • Indicate size, location and method of reinforcement for all proposed footings, column pads, piers, caissons, grad beams, foundation walls, decks, guardrails, guardrail posts.  Specify location of reinforcing steel and anchor bolts.
  • Provide complete and clearly dimensioned floor framing plan for each level and roof framing plan which indicates the materials, types, sizes and location of all structural elements.
  • Provide complete structural design criteria including but not limited to required design loads, material specifications and structural construction requirements.
  • Provide complete structural calculations for each structure.

Architectural Plans


  • Provide complete and dimensioned floor layout at each level which identifies the use of each room.
  • Provide Complete and dimensioned roof plan and indicate all roof slopes.
  • Provide complete and dimensioned reflected ceiling plan.
  • Provide exterior elevations for each side of the building which contains an overall building height and floor-to-floor heights and indicate location, size and types of all doors and glazed openings including hazardous glazing and fall protection locations.
  • Provide a bulk plane diagram on front and rear exterior elevations relative to the base plane elevation.  The base plan for the bulk plane is establishing by taking the average of the existing grades of the midpoints of the two side property lines.
  • Provide building and wall sections which clearly identify the required type and location of all materials for construction of beams, columns, floors, walls, ceilings, roofs.
  • Provide stair geometry.  Include rise and run, handrail and guardrail heights.
  • Provide one major section through the exterior wall from footings to the highest part of the roof (min. scale 1/4"=1')
  • Provide square foot area breakdown per floor level.

Electrical Plans


Provide electrical plans showing the location and capacity of the service equipment and electrical panels, the location of all smoke detectors, carbons monoxide detectors, electrical receptacles, switches, and lighting fixtures.

Mechanical Plans


  • Provide mechanical plans and indicate the location of all heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.  Show the location of the condensing unit.  Detail the equipment access and working clearances.
  • Show dryer exhaust termination location and clearances, environmental exhaust termination locations and clearances.
  • Provide Manual J and Manual D calculations.  Must be legible.  No exceptions.
  • Provide all fireplace specifications, rated separation details, direct vent termination details when applicable, hearth extensions when required, chimney clearances, shutoff and control access.

Plumbing Plans


  • Provide plumbing plans and indicate the location of all plumbing fixtures and appliances (Isometric may be required per the discretion of the plans examiner.)
  • Provide the supply line size and main discharge size.  Note the water supply inlet location.
  • Indicate whether appliances are gas-operated, electric, or otherwise.  List types of material to be used for all water supply, drainage and vent piping.  Provide fixture max flow rates and insulation values.
  • Gas load calculations and piping diagram is required.

Energy Conservation Plans


Provide verification that the project meets the requirements of the IECC, or provide a simulated energy performance analysis such as REScheck.  Provide all required information per 2012 IECC R103.2.

Resubmittal Requirements


  • Provide a written response addressing each correction.
  • Provide revision clouds for each correction made.
  • Provide updated information in the revision section of the title block.
  • Provide complete plan packs per discipline requiring corrections.  Example: If you are resubmitting for Civil corrections, provide a complete revised plan pack.