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Weed & Seed Program

Why Should You Care?


Some people believe that nature will “heal itself” and that as new plants come in, a new, more “resilient” ecosystem will be born.  While it is true that weeds can cause a plant community shift, it is usually into a far less biodiverse one.  The idea that the plant will heal itself is not more than wishful thinking.  Humans created the problem.  Therefore it is our duty to try to mitigate some of our effects.  It’s call stewardship.  Being a good steward is realizing that there is harm being done, and thereby working to prevent further harm.  If noxious weeds were simply pioneer species “doing their job” to fill in disturbed areas, there wouldn’t be a problem with them displacing wildlife and dominating an area that once held a mix of native species.  Residents of Blue River have expressed interest in preserving the health of the natural ecosystem.  It is desired to preserve and repair the ecosystem.

Weed & Seed

Blue River

Weed & Seed Program

July 1st- September 30th

“Bring us your weeds and we will give you some seeds”

 In an effort to address the noxious weeds in Blue River, the Citizen Advisory Committee has   developed the Weed & Seed Program.  Residents are encouraged to remove noxious weeds on their property.  They may be bagged and disposed of or brought to a bin at Town Hall. Wildflower seed packets are available outside Town Hall to reseed your property.  For more   information on noxious weeds, visit: for the Blue River Noxious Weed Management Plan. 

What is a Noxious Weed?


A ‘weed” is any plant growing where you don’t want it to.  A “noxious weed” is a legal and regulatory definition for a non-native, invasive, ecologically damaging plant that did not exist in the United States prior to human settlement.  Colorado’s native grasses and wildflowers evolved over millions of years to fill unique ecological niches and have insects and diseases keep them in balance.  The invasive noxious weeds that this plan targets were originally imported to the United States for their ornamental beauty, aggressive growth habits, xeriscape potential, or re-seeding capabilities.  However, the very aggressive growth traits which made these plants desirable for a garden or landscape have enabled them to thrive outside cultivated areas and become fierce competitors with our native vegetation.  Lacking environmental controls and natural predators, they have escaped cultivation and become aggressive invaders of wildlands, open space, housing subdivisions, municipal areas, private property and roadsides.


Type A Noxious Weeds


Crazie Daisy

Events & Additional Programs

weed fest

Summit Community Weed Pull

aka Weed Fest

Summit Countywide Weed Pulling Event to work towards the removal of noxious weeds throughout the county.

Saturday, July 8th

9:00 a.m.

The Town of Blue River will be conducting work at Theobald Park and Blue River Road.  We will have breakfast, coffee and a water station available.  Please bring your own gloves, garden tools, shovels, and rakes.  Please also bring your own water bottle to fill up.  A reminder to wear proper clothing, a hat and sunscreen.  You may register at the link below or by emailing the Town of Blue River at  Check in the day of will take place at the Senior Center in Frisco or at Town Park.  Join us for a fun and informative morning removing noxious weeds and sprucing up Town Park.

County Wide Weed Pull Event Registration

Need assistance removing your noxious weeds & want to help out a great local youth organization?

Contact the Boy Scouts Troop #187

Scouts will provide a bid to come in and remove your weeds.  All proceeds go directly to the Troop to assist with funding their various activities.

For more information contact: or (970) 389-4988. 

Troop 187